Police identify suspect killed in Sunday's home invasion

Police have identified the suspect killed in a Sunday home invasion as a 17-year-old.

The intruder, Brandon Ford, was shot and killed by the homeowner Sunday afternoon in the 3100 block of N. College Avenue around 1:00 p.m. Several men were in the house on the west side of College Avenue when three men tried to get into the house, according to police. Both sides shot at each other and Ford was killed.

"I heard about four or five shots," said one neighbor. "Unfortunately, that's not uncommon, so my first instinct was to lay on the floor. I got my phone and was about to call police."

But she says police were already on the scene.

"We have one subject dead, two fled and the homeowner is pretty shaken up," said IMPD Ofc. Chris Wilburn.


Neighbors say the victim's house has had multiple break-ins, so they recently bought a dog for added security.

"We hear gunshots on and off throughout the year," said a neighbor, "but this is the closest it has ever been."

Friends and family of the male who was shot - possibly a teenager - walked to the scene to mourn and pray.

"Somebody's going to cry this evening. My heart goes out to his mother," said the prayer leader.

Neighbors say this is the kind of pain they've seen too much of, too often.

"Somebody's child, son is laying back there," said neighbor Melvin Duma. "We all have to take part to do something before these kind of things happen."

"The young kids today, if you don't have an education, you need to go back to school or get a GED, so you can get a good paying job that's paying good money to have in your pocket," said Shirley Duma. "You know, I'm a little frightened right now. It's too close to home."

This is the second violent scene in the neighborhood in less than a week. A great-grandmother was shot in the arm Thursday while on her porch just blocks away.

Neighbors told us they are determined to help their community. They also feel something has to be done to put young people to work so they're not tempted to break the law to make a buck.

Police say they have not identified the other two suspects, nor do they have a motive for the break-in.