Police identify pedestrian hit and killed by sheriff's van

A pedestrian was struck and killed by a sheriff's vehicle on Madison Avenue Thursday.
A pedestrian died after being struck by a sheriff's vehicle around 9:30 p.m. Thursday in the 5200 block of Madison Avenue on the south side of Indianapolis.

The pedestrian, who was identified as 64-year-old Daniel Hanley, was pronounced dead at the scene. Metro police said the Marion County Sheriff's Office prisoner transport van ran over the man, whose body was already lying in the road before the van hit it.

The sheriff's deputy driving the van told police investigators that he noticed something on the road, but hit it before he could maneuver around it.

Witnesses said damage to the lower, front portion of a Marion County Sheriff's Department Honor Guard van at the scene is consistent with striking a body that was already on the ground.

Police said the driver of the sheriff's van was very shaken up by the incident.

The Honor Guard van was on the road Thursday preparing to take an honor guard out of the county Friday morning. They were planning to attend the funeral of a deputy who died of natural causes.

Police have not yet identified the victim. They do know he was an older gentleman.

The deputy driving the van was not injured. But, following standard protocol, he was taken to Eskenazi Hospital for a standard blood draw to test his blood alcohol level. However, police say they don't believe alcohol or speed was a factor.

The Marion County Sheriff's Department said they are waiting for IMPD to investigate the crash before releasing more information.