Police identify Indiana man killed in Kentucky cell tower accident

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Police have identified an Indiana man who died in an accident on a cell phone tower in Kentucky.

The Harrison County (Ky.) sheriff told WLEX-TV the man was working on the cell tower with three other workers from an Indiana company when something went wrong.

He was identified as 28-year-old Joel Metz of Indianapolis.

Investigators say two men were at the top of the tower and two were on the ground. The crews had taken down an 1,800-pound boom and were lifting another to the top of the tower when it fell. A cable or rope got caught around the worker's neck and arm, decapitating him.

Hours later, the process of investigating the scene was not easy. The man's body remained near the top of the 250-foot tower as emergency crews worked to recover him.

Neighbors told WLEX the scene was heartbreaking.

"Just a horrible sight. All you can see is his body laying there. It's just horrible," said Stacey Slade.

"Oh, it's terrible for his co-worker. It's very frightful," said Sheriff Bruce Hampton.

The men were working for a company based in Indiana.