Police found vodka bottle in Bisard's truck

David Bisard at a court hearing in May 2013.
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For the first time, we're seeing and hearing evidence that convinced a judge to put David Bisard back behind bars.

Bisard is the Indianapolis Metro Police officer charged with drunk driving that resulted in a fatal crash in August 2010. He was placed on bond pending a trial.

Six days after the accident - five months before he was charged with drunk driving and other crimes - Bisard was already pursuing treatment at an Indianapolis facility specializing in alcohol and other addictions.

In April 2013, Bisard was arrested again for drunk driving. He will remain in custody at the Marion County Jail until his October trial.

Allen County Judge John Serbeck released the evidence to reporters Friday after their request at a hearing in May. Bisard's trial will take place in Allen County.

Among the evidence is the 911 call from the second arrest in April; photos of the accident scene and possible evidence taken at the scene and emails from Bisard's wife regarding treatment.

That evidence stems from David Bisard's arrest in early April in Lawrence. Police say he crashed his pick-up truck into a guard rail, knocking over a stop sign. He blew a .17 on a portable breathalyzer and later at Wishard Hospital, a blood draw had him at a .22 blood alcohol level.

One picture released Friday shows a bottle of Dark Eyes vodka in a CVS carrier bag. Other images show how the truck drove up onto the guardrail.

A caller to 911 says the truck "was swerving really bad." A homeowner who heard the wreck told a dispatcher "me and my neighbor think he's drunk."

The April crash happened while Bisard was on bond for a fatal crash in which he is charged with driving under the influence when he allegedly ran his police car into a group of motorcyclists, killing one and critically injuring two others. The evidence presented in his most recent arrest convinced a judge to revoke his bond.

The evidence convinced Serbeck that Bisard was a danger to the public, so he revoked the bond and put Bisard in jail while he awaits trial.

Bisard's trial is set to start October 14th in Allen County Superior Court and is expected to last 3-4 weeks. The trial was moved to Fort Wayne to escape all the publicity the case has received in Indianapolis. A jury of Allen County residents will decide whether Bisard is guilty of reckless homicide, driving while intoxicated and other criminal charges.

Another hearing will take place later this month.