Police focus on drivers in Highway 31 construction zone


It can be frustrating trying to negotiate your way through road construction, but it can also be deadly.

That is why Westfield has put a priority on slowing motorists down on the Hwy 31 construction project. It is one of the busiest roads in Indiana and now it is also one of the most congested.

"That is our biggest concern. Everyone's safety working alongside the road," five-year veteran Westfield Police Officer Eric Grimes said.

He is working to keep INDOT workers who are toiling on Highway 31 safe. The biggest excuse he will hear from drivers he pulls over is that they didn't know the speed limit had dropped because of the construction.

"Everybody knows US 31 is under construction. Take your time. Leave a few minutes earlier. Anticipate the traffic because there will be traffic. Anticipate construction because there will be construction," Grimes adds.

Mayor Andy Cook brought up that point during a recent INDOT appreciation luncheon hosted by the city of Westfield.

"Our police has made a concerted effort to keep you safe. 40 mph is what we ask for," Mayor Andy Cook told the gathering at the Grand Park Sports Complex last week.

It's not just Hwy 31 anymore, either. Residents are now concerned about secondary roads as drivers look to backroads to get around the construction. Eyewitness News rode on patrol with Grimes on Tuesday when he pulled over one driver driving 50 mph past a 30 mph sign.

The goal during the Hwy 31 project is to keep the project on time and keep everyone on the road and working on it, safe.