Police find truck stolen during shooting at Beech Grove Walmart

Police are at the scene of a shooting outside a Walmart in Beech Grove.
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Police have recovered a pick-up truck stolen during a shooting outside a Beech Grove Walmart Monday.

The black Chevy Silverado was stolen during the sale of cell phones that ended in gunfire. The vehicle was recovered behind a business at 5200 Park Emerson Drive in Beech Grove. The truck is being processed by detectives with the crime lab, but no other information was released Wednesday.

Beech Grove Police now say that Monday night's shooting outside the Walmart had nothing to do with Craigslist, but that it was a pre-arranged meeting.

The shooting was reported around 6:45 p.m. outside the Walmart at 4650 S. Emerson Avenue. Police say Jacob Faulkner, 22, of Indianapolis, was shot in the arm and chest after a transaction went sour. He remains in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. His friend, Daniel Witter, 27, of Fountaintown, was not injured.

Both men came to the Walmart to buy cell phones from another individual after a mutual contact put them in touch. The shooting suspect and victim did not know each other, but talked on the phone and texted each other and agreed to meet there.

According to police, the suspects got into the back of the Faulkner's pickup truck, a 2008 black Chevy Silverado, which Witter was driving. Something happened during the transaction that ended with the suspect firing indiscriminately, according to police.

Police aren't sure if Faulkner was in or out of the car when he was shot, but he and Witter were able to run to safety. The shooter and another suspect drove off in Faulkner's pickup.

"They did meet here in the lot and there may have been an exchange inside a black Chevy Silverado where they were going to exchange the money for the cell phones," said Beech Grove Police Maj. Tom Hurrle. "So the truck we're looking for may have bullet holes inside it, as well."

Police don't have a description of the suspects, though they released a photo of a thin black male they say is a suspected shooter.

"I see the guy just firing shots wildly and, at that point, I just ran in the door," said witness Cory Brooks.

Police say one suspect took off in the Silverado, which had two rifles and two pistols belonging to the victims inside when it was stolen. The other suspect fled in their own black Chevy Malibu.

"I see him run about 10 feet in front of me. I am still walking in and he's on the other side of the door, just winging shots at him. I don't know what's wrong with people these days," said Brooks.

Even though the shooting had nothing to do with a Craigslist sale, Jamie Scott wasn't taking any chances Tuesday. She drove her van full of toys to the Beech Grove police station to meet her Craigslist buyer.

"There's no way you can trust people nowadays. Generally, that's the best advice you can follow. If you don't know them, don't go there," she said.

Police share additional words of caution if you're making a sale with a stranger.

"Never let anyone get in a car with you and don't get in their car. Get plate information and get a name and make sure you have that stuff written down," said Beech Grove Police Dep. Chief Michael Maurice.