Police find cache of weapons, drugs in shootout suspect's vehicle

James Lockhart

Police say they found a cache of guns, knives and drugs in the car of a man killed by police after he shot a Fortville officer last week.

According to investigators, James Lockhart III ambushed Fortville Police Officer Matt Fox when he tried to stop him for a broken taillight in Lawrence late Friday. Lockhart fired several shots, hitting Fox in the head and the wrist.

Fox was able to radio for help, and Lockhart was killed in a shootout with responding officers. Officer Fox was released from the hospital Wednesday.

Police found a pound of marijuana in Lockhart's vehicle, as well as an AK-47, a .45-caliber handgun and a 12-gauge shotgun. They also found an AR-15 semi automatic rifle, a .44 Magnum, four machetes and a bowie knife.