Police: Father accused in son's killing had domestic violence history

Micah Harrison
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Noblesville Police say they continue to investigate the murder of two-year-old Michael Harrison. The boy, visiting from Alabama, was found stabbed to death Wednesday evening while visiting his grandmother. His father, Micah Harrison, 30, faces murder and reckless homicide charges.

From the street, the Harrison family's Alabama home appears is deserted and quiet. Children's toys scattered about the yard, for neighbors, are painful reminders of an inexplicable tragedy.

"When you see those kids playing in the swimming pool this summer and riding their little trikes and stuff, it's hard to believe that baby is gone," Lynn Bainbridge explained with the emotion of a friend in her voice.

But Baldwin County lawmen say neighbors have complained about Micah Harrison before. His arrest record goes back to his juvenile years. They include mostly minor crimes, drugs, alcohol and misdemeanor assault. In some instances the cases never made it to court.

"Harrison was the subject of at least three domestic violence incidents," Capt. Steve Arthur with the Baldwin County Sheriff's Department said. "However, he was not ever officially charged in any domestic violence cases."

Noblesville Police believe Harrison left home with his three children, arriving in Indiana January 8th, the day before investigators say he stabbed his two-year-old boy Michael to death.

According to court records, the boy's grandmother, Micah's mother, witnessed the attack. She told police that earlier that day Micah told her "someone or something was trying to kill him."

Thursday during his initial hearing, Harrison blurted out to the judge, "I killed my poor little baby. Just kill me."

The 30-year-old unemployed painter is charged with murder, reckless homicide, aggravated battery and battery. Hamilton County prosecutor Lee Buckingham says he is considering pursuing a sentence of life without parole.

Two other children, small girls, were not injured in the attack. Indiana's Department of Child Services, in the words of a spokeswoman "is involved" and looking out for their well being.

Harrison is under a suicide watch at the Hamilton County Jail.