Police: Conditions in home were "horrendous"


Police arrested a mother after finding her 15-year-old daughter with autism living in what officers called "horrendous conditions".

According to Cumberland Police, the mother called police Wednesday to report her daughter was violently acting out.

When they got there police put the mom in handcuffs because of what they saw in that home.

It all happened at a home on East Saint Joseph Drive in Cumberland.

The girl is in the custody of Child Protective Services and was taken to Riley Hospital for evaluation.

From the outside, it looked like any suburban home. Inside though, police say they found trash, human feces, and filth, conditions they called "unacceptable".

They arrested the girl's mother, Theresa Carter and charged her with felony neglect of a dependent.

"Where this little girl was confined was disgusting," said Cumberland Police Officer Suzanne Woodland. "There was no outlet covers on the wall and it appears to have a hole on the wall underneath the window sill that appears to be one of those electrical wires that runs through the hard metal, and there was empty coke cans and trash stuffed in that hole and this room it was just filthy."

Police say Carter works as a registered nurse.