Police: Columbus high school student made hit list


A sophomore at Columbus North High School has been expelled, but isn't expected to face criminal charges, after a teacher found a hit list of more than a dozen female students.

The list was read by a teacher Monday as he prepared his classroom for the week and noticed the note with some other papers. The note has become the talk of the school.

"I haven't seen it," Columbus North High School student Jordan Dunn said on Thursday.

But students have heard about it.

"I know the people that are scared because they were on the list and they are terrified," Dunn said.

"There are all these rumors going around and you don't know what's going on," said Columbus North High School student Dominique Street.

The threats outlined graphic plans against 15 female students and one female teacher.

"Stab somebody, strangle somebody, slit somebody's throat," recalled Larry Perkinson, Employee and Student Assistance Coordinator with the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation.

Columbus police were called to investigate and helped determine that a 16-year-old male sophomore wrote the note.

"He did admit that he wrote the letter and that the letter was written because he was angry over something he said that he had no issues with these individuals that were on the letter he was just taking out his anger and those names popped into his head," said Lt. Matt Myers with the Columbus Police Department.

The student has been expelled, but despite the alarming nature of the note, criminal charges aren't expected to be filed.

Police say that's because of the way the note was discovered, that it wasn't signed, and the explanation by the student, as well as his record.

While police questioned the sophomore, administrators notified students and their parents, but only notified those on the list.

"There are a lot of things to get done in that time and at this point simply made a choice that a public announcement from the school wasn't a priority with all of those things to be done," said Perkinson.

But while not everyone has been notified, everyone seems to be talking about it.

"I know a lot of them and they are freaked out a girl still hasn't been to school because of it because she is scared and she's worried about if it's really going to happen," Street said.

The case remains under investigation by the school district as well as the Columbus Police Department and juvenile investigators.