Police: Colts owner had $29K in cash when arrested

Jim Irsay
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Police say Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay had $29,000 in cash with him when he was arrested last week on suspicion of intoxicated driving.

Carmel Police released a 28-page report on Irsay's March 16 arrest through a public records request.

Read the report here.

The documents say Irsay was driving a silver Toyota SUV and was pulled over on Horseferry Road near W. Main St. after he came to a complete stop more than once for no apparent reason, and for failing to signal a turn.

Once pulled over, the report says the 54-year-old Irsay continued to stumble, almost fell down, and failed field sobriety tests.

The first officer observed, "...his speech was very slow and slurred."

Two more officers arrived. Before arresting Irsay they cut short field sobriety tests, fearing for his safety.

The report also said, "Irsay continually fell off balance," "...continuously fell to the side and backwards," and "He was stumbling continuously."

The initial officer also wrote Irsay appeared disoriented and said he was trying to find his house.

As Irsay was questioned and tested for drugs and alcohol, officers then searched his Toyota Highlander. Police say Irsay declined to submit to a blood draw, prompting a search warrant to be issued to test what was in his system. The results have been withheld from the public report.

Inside Irsay's SUV, police report finding many bags of pills. But information about what the pills are is redacted from the report. One container is listed as having nine pills; another had as many as 130. What they contained isn't listed.

Elsewhere in the car, investigators say they found several bundles of cash adding up to nearly $30,000. Much of the cash was found in a briefcase and bags on the passenger's side floorboard.

"I am not sure what that is evidence of. It is evidence he's a wealthy person? We know that," said defense attorney John Tompkins. He has represented numerous high-profile, wealthy clients who Tompkins says carry lots of cash.

Tompkins says his clidents don't want to leave credit card trials for someone to follow "...and find out what hotels you stay at. Or you don't want someone at a credit card company to snoop in."

Leaving out the names of the seized prescription drugs, and the names of who they were registered to, raised more questions.

"Are they all his? This vehicle was not registered to him. How many people used the vehicle?" Tompkins asked. "Are there other people's names on the prescription bottles?"

Despite the report, Irsay's fate isn't clear. He is preliminarily facing charges of OWI and four counts of possession of a controlled substance. An initial hearing originally scheduled for March 26 was postponed until Irsay is charged. He is currently at an out-of-state facility getting inpatient treatment.

Read the report here.