Police chase, arrest CVS robbery suspects

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Metro Police chased a pair of robbery suspects into Hendricks County early Wednesday morning after the CVS at 86th and Ditch was robbed.

The pair was apprehended by a police 'pit' maneuver on their silver pickup truck just past Raceway Road on 56th Street shortly before 1:30 a.m.  The chase started near the CVS, and proceeded south on Springmill Road to Kessler Blvd., then west on Kessler to 56th Street and into Hendricks County.

A police K-9 was also involved in the apprehension.

Police have not confirmed whether any weapons were used in the robbery or what items or drugs may have been taken from the store, which is open 24 hours.

IMPD did confirm to Eyewitness News that items were recovered along the chase route, presumably thrown from the truck.

Police have not identified the suspects.

Indiana leads the nation in pharmacy robberies, with 2012 numbers doubling those of the year before.

What to do during a robbery

Police offer the following tips for what you should do if you ever find yourself in the middle of a robbery attempt.

1. Do not resist, move as instructed to move by the perp.

2. Become a good witness for police, do be careful about direct eye contact or staring, they may figure you are trying to remember what they looked like, and react negatively.

Catalogue what your senses tell you about this person. How they smell, Listen to how they talk, if more than one robber listen for names.

3. When they leave and everyone is safe, do not touch anything, Try to remember what they may have touched to help police with forensic evidence.

4. Please stay on the scene until Police are able to talk to you. When police arrive do not be insulted if the Officers are cautious about who you are until they know the crime scene is safe.