Police: Bones found in Indianapolis home not human

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Authorities say bones found during a search of a vacant home near Fountain Square are not human.

Indianapolis Metro Police searched the  home in the 1500 block of English Ave. near Spruce St. for much of the day Wednesday, and they were back on Thursday.

IMPD says they've been working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI asked IMPD to investigate the home after receiving an unspecified tip.

"It's horrifying," said a neighbor.

The activity at the boarded-up house started around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday. When they finished, police sealed off the home and an officer guarded the scene all night. The investigation continued Thursday.

Dawn Thompson, who lives across the street from the Fountain Square-area house, said she saw police carry "floodlights in, generators in, scanners in and shovels with buckets."

"Sounds to me like they're looking for a body. Makes you wonder. You got shovels and, obviously, you're in a basement," said another passerby.

"I can't say anything," said one agent on the scene.

The house was closed up at least a year ago. Thompson said police approached her three days ago with questions about who owns the home. She told them she didn't know, but she did have a key to the home because her son lived there several years ago.

Thompson told Eyewitness News that detectives asked several questions about the basement, which she says is dirt and concrete.

Neighbor Anna Jones said the last occupants of the home were trouble.

"They stole the church's electricity and my electricity and put it on that house," Jones said.

When people last lived in the house, Iba Vance across the street remembered odd events.

"Sometimes there'd be 15 young women go in there and a bunch more would come and not stay long," Vance said. "And there'd be fighting. Running each other off in the morning, running up the street."

Other neighbors saw the same activity and suspected an active drug trade in the abandoned house.

"I worry about her and the neighbors walking to church," said a neighbor named Tabitha. "There's a lot of abandoned houses."

She says she'd like the city to do something about them, because she fears kids could get inside and get hurt.