Police begin added patrols at area shopping malls

Police added patrols at Castleton Square Mall Friday night.
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Extra security guards are on duty at Castleton Square Mall after a disturbance last week led to five arrests of teenagers.

Metro police officers are joining mall security, saying a tiny percentage of teens cause problems at the malls, but they can make the good teens their victims.

"Where are the parents involved with their kids?" asked an IMPD district chief.

Shopper Sherry Dollar asks the same question.

The mall will be handing parents letters asking them not to drop their children off unattended at the mall. Private security is looking for groups larger than four and asking them to disperse.

"They ought to enforce it, because some kids are getting out of hand and then others get hurt," said shopper Dee Dee Brown.

"Can you live with those little-known groups larger than four?" Eyewitness News asked some other shoppers.

"Yeah sure. It isn't too big a deal, it doesn't bother me," said Wyatt Branson, home for spring break.

"To be truthful, I'm just uncomfortable when they're all hanging out," said dollar.

"It will help out a lot," says shopper Will Broaden. "It will, you know, because most fights start out with five or six. They need to find something else to do and parents have to start looking out for their kids."

Friday night on a walk through the mall, Eyewitness News saw only two groups of young people with more than four people.

The police department says it will not enforce the "no more than four" rule inside the mall, unless its on-duty or off-duty officers are asked to do so by mall security.