Police: Arrested woman said she helped killer escape

Federal agents arrested Jamie Marie Long at her eastside home.
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David MacAnally/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - A Federal fugitive task force arrested Jamie Marie Long in her house at 9th and Emerson Thursday. She is 41, married, a mother and a one-time prison inmate herself. She's now charged with helping prison inmate Sarah Pender escape Monday.

A spokesman for the Indiana Department of Corrections says Pender had a number of people on her authorized visitor list at The Rockville Correctional Facility. Long was one of them. Police questioned Long at her house the night of the escape and say her answers didn't add up.

Doug Garrison with DOC says they didn't really get the answers from Long they expected. So they questioned her further and she told them she was the person who drove her from the facility. Long told police she drove the escapee to the Irvington area on the east side the evening of the escape. Pender got out and walked off.

Long is the second person arrested since Pender's escape. Tuesday police charged corrections officer Scott Spitler with hiding Pender in a prison van and driving her out of the gate to the parking lot where she got into Long's car.

"I'm not sure I can describe the nature of the relationship but they had a relationship and it was strong enough to prompt her to be involved in a crime like that," said Garrison. 

Neighbors called it "kind of a shock." They had little contact with Jamie Long, her husband or son. The Longs were often spotted watching TV on their front porch.

One neighbor said, "They sure were very nice, caused no problems that I know of. Their son was always polite.

As police continue the search for Sarah Pender, they say she is 5'8" tall with two tattoos: a target on her upper right leg and a faded butterfly on her chest. Call 911 if you have information.