Police arrest murder suspect on east side of Indianapolis

Police arrested a murder suspect near 38th and Alsace on the east side Thursday night.

Score one for the city's violent crimes task force as it takes down a suspected murderer on the east side Thursday night.

It happened near 38th and Alsace Drive, just off Franklin Road.

Police took one man into custody after he surrendered in his car. He was identified as 43-year-old Curtis Foster of Indianapolis. Foster faces a murder charge.

Foster is accused of shooting and killing 48-year-old Jerome Warren on April 9, 2014 in the 5600 block of East 20th St. The apparent motive for the shooting stemmed from an ongoing argument.

Police say a tipster told them the man was staying in a house on that block. Officers kept an eye on the block all day and evening. They positively identified the man sitting in a car, then swarmed the neighborhood with IMPD, FBI agents and Indiana State Police.

IMPD Lt. Mark McCardia says the extra manpower was important in this case.

"Obviously, the suspect has less chance to take on the police if there are more of us here," McCardia said. "Especially having the extra bodies from the FBI helping us, state police have been helping us. Some really good teamwork here."

Police say when the man saw officers, he raised his hands while sitting in the car and gave up.