Police arrest another suspect in brutal home invasions


After several weeks of searching, metro police have captured another suspect wanted in two violent home invasions on the city's north side.

We talked with residents in one of the communities who are breathing easier knowing another the arrests continue.

Bryan Braun is noticing a welcome change in his Northside neighborhood.

"The neighborhood is returning to normal. I see people out walking their dogs and pushing strollers. We're not letting it shut us down," said Braun.

That change is coming thanks to arrests like this one. Police captured Adrian Anthony, who's 20, Saturday night at the intersection of 30th and College after weeks of searching. Anthony is wanted in connection with two home invasions on the city's northside--one on Spring Mill and the other here in the Windcombe neighborhood off 79th and College--in the house right across the street from Braun's.

"That's fantastic that police are being so diligent with this case and I think it really rings a bell with everyone because these people broke in while people were at home," said Braun.

And police say the attacks were brutal. In both cases, armed men broke in, robbed the residents, forced them to drive to the ATM to withdraw cash, beat them and in the 79th street invasion sexually assaulted a mother and her adult daughter.

"Those individuals who commit crimes of this nature should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and we are in fact as the public safety director and I indicated earlier this week are looking for mandatory sentences through the legislature in cases such as these," said Chief Rick Hite, Indianapolis Metro Police.

While promises like this made by police and nearly ten arrests between the two cases are definitely taking the edge off, Braun has noticed his neighbors have developed a new normal.

"You can tell that people are keeping track of people a little more than they probably used to and garage doors are down a little bit more," said Braun.

Never again taking their safety and security for granted.

Police say Anthony is facing charges with rape and deviate conduct. When arrested, he was in the car with four other men. They've also been taken into custody for questioning, but no word on any further arrests or charges.