Polar vortex brings bone-chilling temps to Midwest

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Indianapolis isn't the only place where people are shivering today. There's a blanket of cold air over the entire nation.

At -14, it was six degrees colder in Indianapolis than it was at the South Pole Tuesday morning. With the wind chill, it felt like -34. It was about the same temperature in Minneapolis, Minnesota, too.

Meteorologists call it a polar vortex from the North Pole. Most people just call it brutally cold!

The Midwest frost comes on top of record snow that closed Indiana's major interstates. Monday, Gov. Mike Pence declared over 20 counties in a state of emergency. Tens of thousands of people have been without power since Sunday.

In Milwaukee, power crews are out in it, trying to keep the lights on:

"You've just got to do your job. It's what we're here for," said Jim Hoefer, city electrical worker.

The Arctic hurricane known as a polar vortex dipped into the deep south, causing power outages in Dallas and snow in Georgia. Shelters opened in Atlanta.

Flightaware reports almost 2,000 cancellations already today. Levi Torres has been stuck in Denver's airport for three days.

"To stay up all night 24/7 and hope I get out of here - hasn't happened yet," he said.

Jetblue is hoping to get back in the air today after shutting down completely in New York and Boston.

While it's bad news for grown-ups, the kids are thrilled. All over central Indiana and in the rest of the Midwest, schools were closed.