Plowman to resign from IMPD, council

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Marion County - Sources tell Eyewitness News that City-County Council member Lincoln Plowman plans to resign from his job on the council as well as his position with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police force.

Plowman has been under investigation over the past several weeks but even he says he does not know what the investigation is concerning.

The 21-year police veteran works as a major for Metro Police. He is currently on paid administrative leave during the unspecified investigation. The 30-day paid leave ended on Friday.

Plowman's primary duties include working as an assistant to the Deputy Chief of Administration. He recently served as chairman for the Metropolitan Development Committee for the City-County Council.

Plowman, a Republican, represents District 25 in Franklin Township and is now chairman of the Community Affairs Committee.

Eyewitness News tried to reach Major Plowman on his cell phone, but the number has been disconnected. He also could not be reached at his home phone number.

Republican party leaders and leadership on the council said they didn't want to comment until they hear from Plowman himself. When initial news of the investigation broke, some Democrats called for Plowman to resign from the council.

"It's obvious one does not do this unless there is something of great significance that's happened to him," said Ed Treacy, Marion County Democratic Party. "There has been a huge element of secrecy around this thing. The administration is obviously sitting on top of something. They know what's going on and refuse to tell anyone else about it."

City-County Council President Ryan Vaughn says the council has been awaiting details on the investigation before taking action. In light of Friday's developments, that may not be necessary.