Playing cards aim to solve Indiana cold cases

Chynna Dickus, 26, and her ten-year-old son Blake, were killed in their Franklin home in 2006. Both victims were repeatedly stabbed.
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A deck of cards could help solve several unsolved cases in Indiana.

Prisoners are being given a special deck of playing cards, and the faces on those cards could make a big difference.

Passing time in prison offers the inmate ample time for reflection or recollection. The Indiana Department of Correction is hoping the playing cards will provide them with a way to pass the time and be a reminder from times past.

The DOC released the third edition of Indiana Cold Case Homicide cards this week. Each card is a story of someone who is either missing or murdered. They are not available to the public, only to the state's prisoners and with good reason.

Doug Garrison is the Communications Chief for the Indiana Department of Corrections.

According to Garrison, the goal is "to get as much publicity as we can about these missing persons cases, unsolved murders, in front of people who might have some information about it."

Ten-year-old Blake Dickus is the jack of Clubs. His stepmother Chynna, 26, is the queen of Clubs.

Both were stabbed to death July 24, 2006 in their Johnson County home. At the time investigators believed the evidence would lead to an arrest.

As we heard from the city of Franklin authorities shortly after it happened, "I believe we got a viable case with a lot of good physical evidence that we will be able to bring this case to a conclusion."

Seven years have since passed and the DOC is on its third edition of Cold Case Cards.

Garrison says this has been a worthwhile venture.

"We have had leads generated as a result of these cards in our prisons. It has helped advanced cases. It hasn't solved one yet but we don't measure the success of this program just by the fact that we don't have a solution for sure yet," he said.

The DOC is working with the hand it's been dealt, and as Garrison points out, so are the inmates.

"No other decks of card are for sale there. No one else can bring them anything else to play with," he said.

Members of the public who would like to provide information, or who would like to have a case reviewed for inclusion in a future release of the deck, may contact the Indiana Department of Correction.

View the cards here.

Provide a tip here.

If you have information about any case in this deck or a case that does not appear in this deck, please dial the Indiana State Police Hotline 1 (800) 453-4756.