Plane in fatal Indiana crash had no apparent problems

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The National Transportation Safety Board released a preliminary report Wednesday into that deadly plane crash in Greensburg on December 2.

NTSB officials say the weather was foggy, but the lights on the runway were working properly, even though they were not turned on at the time. The report also shows that the plane and engine were working properly.

The report states that cloud ceilings were estimated by witnesses at about 300 feet with fog and mist at the time of the pilot's attempted landing. The last communication with the pilot was that the airplane was four miles from the initial approach.

Don Horan of Greensburg was flying the Piper 46 plane, trying to land at Greensburg Municipal Airport when it crashed on December 2.  Horan was flying back from Florida with his wife, Barb, and another couple, Stephen and Denise Butz.

The report states that a friend of the pilot tried to land at the same airport about half an hour earlier that night. That flight never broke out of the clouds, performed a missed approach and diverted to a different airport.

Investigators recovered three personal data devices from the wreckage. The devices were sent to a lab in Washington, D.C., where their contents could be released in a final report.

NTSB preliminary report