Plainfield teen dies while flying around the world; Father still missing

Grief counselors are at Plainfield High School today as students cope with the death of Haris Suleman who crashed while trying to fly around the world with his father.

After discovering 17-year-old Haris Suleman's body in American Samoa yesterday, the Coast Guard is searching for his father's body today.

The family is still hoping and praying that Babar Suleman is found alive

The father-son duo was attempting to fly around the world in 30 days in a single engine plane. They were raising money to build schools in Pakistan, where Haris' father, Babar Suleman, grew up.

The two already raised half a million dollars from their trip.

17-year-old Haris received his pilot's license last month after finishing his junior year at Plainfield High School.

The pair left from the Greenwood Airport June 17, and had made several stops around the world, including Egypt and Pakistan.

Friends and Family comforted each other at the mosque in Plainfield where the family worships, saying the two were prepared for even the worst of flying circumstances.

"Barber was so meticulous about preparation," said Azher Khan, a family friend. "He did everything. He went through the survival course. They have a simulation in which they ditch the plane and then swim out of that situation. So they had prepared and they were delayed a couple of days because he wanted to make sure the plane was in the condition to take this journey."

The father and son had been planning the trip since last summer.

Haris' older brother is on his way to American Samoa to get his brother's body, while waiting for news of Babar.

The father and son were expected to arrive back in Greenwood on Saturday.

Haris would have been a senior this fall at Plainfield High School.

Seeds of Learning is the organization that the Sulemans were trying to raise money for.

"Thank you everyone for coming out yesterday and for your coverage. Thank you on behalf of the Suleman family for celebrating Haris's life and Babar Suleman's efforts. The family still asks for prayers for the safe return of Babar Suleman. He is an extraordinary man and if anyone can survive this he can," the group said.

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