Plainfield man arrested in Fishers burglary

A woman and her son arrived home to hear burglars in her house.
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A Plainfield man was arrested on burglary charges in connection with an incident in a Fishers neighborhood Tuesday.

Jordan Ellis, 24, faces burglary and theft charges, both B felonies. Police arrested him following a search of the Covington Estates Neighborhood near 96th St. and Lantern Rd. A resident got home and heard noises upstairs. She quickly got out with her young son and called 911.

Fishers Police arrested Ellis walking in the woods along 106th Street. They also detained two other "persons of interest" in a gray Dodge.

Ellis is being held at the Hamilton County Jail.

 Police say the burglar left the Covington Estates house through a second-story window.

The woman arrived home about 11:30 Tuesday morning to find the door from her garage to the kitchen locked from inside. She says that's unusual.

"So I unlocked it and I went in and I started taking off (her son's) shoes and I heard a noise. I asked him to be quiet," she said.

But the boy hollered something - and that's when she heard a louder noise from inside the house.

"Then I heard a bigger noise, I grabbed him and got back in the car and we backed out and called 911," she said.

Fishers Police were there in about two minutes, but the man had already leapt out of a second-floor window onto a terrace below, then into the woods behind the house.

Police and K-9 officers followed footprints in the snow. Within minutes, they stopped a man walking nearby along 106th Street for questioning. He then led them to a gray car in which two other suspects were waiting.

"Thank God for the snow. They were able to follow their footprints and set up a perimeter around the neighborhood," the homeowner said.

Police are holding all three for questioning. They say they found items in their car that could be stolen.

Investigators want to know if three Hendricks County residents who had been living in a Fishers motel recently were involved in this and other burglaries.

Lantern Road Elementary School was placed on lockdown while police conducted their search. Police set up a perimeter near Cumberland Park.

Police say the mother did the right thing leaving the scene and calling 911 immediately.

"This is a very dangerous situation," says Fishers Police Officer Tom Weger. "She was aware of her surroundings and immediately removed herself from the danger and then called 911."

The victim's husband says as he drove home from work to check on his family, "I was trying to think what could have happened if they had not jumped through that window or if they had remained and confronted her right there. It's a scary thought."

Last summer, Eyewitness News rode along as Fishers police stepped up patrols to curb a string of daylight and nighttime break-ins. They've scored arrests and recovered property.