Plainfield family escapes injury as tornado tosses trailer into home

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The roof is gone from Don Rackley's home, and on Tuesday evening, rain was falling directly into his house. More shocking was a trailer which had been parked nearby that was flattened by a tornado earlier in the day. The tornado picked up the trailer and tossed it into Rackley's house.

The National Weather Service says an EF-1 tornado caused that damage, which has left the family to count their blessings, despite extensive damage to their home.

Don was home with his two grandsons, ages two and six, and they narrowly escaped serious injury.

"My daughter-in-law called me and said it looks like we have a tornado coming," he said. "It all went so fast. Like I said, we just jumped into the bathroom and as soon as closed the door, and then we heard a big boom. Then all the power and stuff went out. We sat there and stayed quiet. Then we heard some guys coming through hollering at us saying, 'anybody in here?' Then we came and out it was like total destruction."

Rackley's neighbor's travel trailer was parked a few hundred feet away, but it ended up striking Rackley's home.

"I thought it was like a bomb!" said Rackley's young grandson.

He was also shocked by the trailer, which lay in shambles in Rackley's front yard.

"I think I was crying. I was, like, 'Aw, this is like...this is something crazy!," the boy said.

As crazy as a two-ton camping trailer that literally fell out of the sky, now sitting crumpled in the yard.

"It looked like it just picked it straight up and kind of brought it out here, you can see the tire tracks in the yard, and just dropped it in the yard and picked it back up and then you see where it ended up," Rackley said.

It ended up in a place no one would have expected to see it. That's why they can't take their eyes off of it, but Rackley is keeping his eyes on what really matters.

"The only thing important is my grandkids. We can always rebuild the house. It's okay," said Rackley, who's never experienced a storm this powerful. His house was no doubt the hardest hit on this street.