Pit bull attacks Clinton County girl


Richard Essex/Eyewitness News

Clinton County, April 7 - Martin Nern is thankful his nine-year-old daughter is still alive. "You know how those pit bulls are, could have killed her."

Here's what happened, Cora, like any little girl on a nice day, headed outside to play. Crossing the neighbors yard with the dogs wasn't a problem, dogs like Pepper and Peaches, they were either tied up or in the house. Not this time. Boss, the 85 pound in doors dog was outside. Boss got her.

"Her leg was just mangled torn up." Martin says the dog kept biting, not once, not twice, but several times.

Her leg was a mess, the bite looked awful. "Piece of hamburger, raw hamburger, it just tore up, it had a hole so big that you could stick your thumb in it completely."

Bite marks were as big as a quarter.

Martin called the police, an ambulance took his daughter to the hospital.

The police and Humane Society took care of the dog.

"It charged me. It was very aggressive." The Humane Society's David Doud tried to rope the dog in, and when it charged him he was forced to hit it with a pole. The last resort was a gun.

Police say they fired seven shots, three hit the dog. But the shots didn't kill him right away.

"He laid in my garage for three hours and died," says Kash Smith, the dog's owner.

And this isn't the first time one of his dogs has been shot. Pit bill Peaches lost her leg to a .32 caliber bullet a couple of years ago.