Physical Therapy

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St.Vincent's physical therapy program provides assessment, evaluation, and treatment for patients with the goal of increasing mobility, strength, endurance, function, healing and effective pain management.

New guidelines in Indiana allow a patient to receive guidance and treatment from a physical therapist without a referral. This new policy is called Self-referral or Direct Access, and is limited to 24 calendar days from the initial physical therapy session. After the 24 days patients will need a physician referral to continue seeing a physical therapist.

All physical therapy self-referral is out-of-pocket, meaning patients cannot bill it through their insurance. In some cases, paying out-of-pocket may be more cost effective (i.e. – if patients have a high deductible).

Benefits of self-referral:

  • Allows a patient to see a physical therapist without the delay of waiting for an appointment with a primary care physician.
  • Research shows that patients who receive physical therapy sooner often experience reduced pain and increased function more quickly.
  • Many conditions can be treated successfully and safely with early physical therapy intervention without diagnostic work-ups and physician visits.

Who is a candidate for self-referral?

  • Patients who have sustained a recent injury or pain ailment.

Who is not a candidate for self-referral?

  • Patients with chronic or complex medical conditions or patients who have already received care from a physician or physical therapist.

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