Photo-sharing app Instagram expands to the Web

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Instagram, the photo-sharing app created for mobile phones, is expanding its Web presence.

The service will launch Instagram profiles on the traditional Web over the next few days. Previously, users' profiles existed only on Instagram's mobile applications accessed on the iPhone or Android devices. Now, users will have a website with a profile photo, bio and a selection of the snapshots they've recently shared.

Instragram, owned by Facebook, made the announcement in a blog post.

The layout of the Web profiles is reminiscent of Facebook timelines, except with little text and no ads. Users will have a large cover image that's a collage of their old Instagram shots. Their profile photo is on the right side and their snapshots cascade down the page.

Facebook has insisted since it bought Instagram this year that it will keep it running as a separate service. That still appears to be the case. The Instagram Web pages don't link to Facebook and don't ask users to log in using their Facebook accounts.

Facebook agreed to buy Instagram in a deal valued at $1 billion in April, before its May initial public offering of stock.

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