PHCC Plumbers Are Trained Professionals

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An apprentice plumber is required to obtain 7600 hours on the job training as well as four years school related training. Apprentices must register with the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training and be licensed by the State of Indiana . Their four years of school includes courses in mathematics, sciences, installation practices, blueprints, welding, as well as in-depth study of the plumbing and gas codes.

Using Unlicensed and Improperly Trained People Can Be Dangerous and Expensive

A licensed and properly trained plumbing contractor will have insurance to guard against any defects in his workmanship or materials. Why do you think insurance carriers require licensed contractors to make repairs for claims? The contamination of the water supply, through the improper installation of water heaters, water softeners, and sillcocks have caused people to become sick. Explosions and carbon monoxide poisonings leading to death have been caused by improper installation and servicing of boilers and water heaters. All licensed plumbing contractors know a pressure balanced tub and shower valve must be installed and the water heater must be set at the correct temperature to prevent scalding. All water heater manufacturers require a licensed plumber to install their products, otherwise, the warranty is void. Be sure you ask to see their license before they work on your property. Don't take the risk of endangering your property, your own or your families’ health or risk breaking the law.

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