Peyton Manning won't let you drink Gatorade

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Peyton Manning has added a few more notches to his viral video belt.

He appears in a new series of videos released by Gatorade on YouTube as part of a new branding campaign: "Sweat It to Get It."

In the videos, unwitting customers walk into a gas station convenience store to buy Gatorade. When they take their bottles to the counter, though, the cashier won't let them buy it because you can only buy Gatorade when you're sweating. The customers protest enough, the teller eventually calls out his manager, Peyton Manning.

Manning then forces each customer to do something different in order to build up a sweat so they can "earn" the right to buy Gatorade. One has to run laps around the store. Another is told to perform complicated yoga moves (How much yoga? "Enough to get some back sweat going.").

In one video featuring Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers, the customer simply gets his Gatorade bottles slapped out of his hands.

All of the videos are shot on a series of hidden cameras throughout the store, leaving the audience to wonder if the videos are staged to look like pranks or if these are real customers actually getting pranked.

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