Pennsylvania kid "apparently" becoming viral sensation

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Apparently, Noah Ritter has a future in TV news ahead of him.

The five-year-old boy from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania is becoming a social media darling for an interview he gave at the Wayne County (Pa.) fair last week. Noah grabbed the microphone from WNEP reporter Sofia Ojeda during the interview and took over.

He told the reporter he had never been on live television before and that he doesn't watch the news "because I'm a kid." He said once the Powerball drawing is over, his grandfather gives him control over the remote.

As adorable as all of that was, Noah is apparently destined to be remembered for his liberal use of the word "apparently."

Tuesday morning, he was a hit on NBC's "TODAY Show."

For the record, we counted seven "apparentlys" in his 57-second debut.

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