Pence: Working to ensure safety while supporting 2nd Amendment

Gov. Mike Pence (R)
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Governor Mike Pence says he's working with law enforcement to ensure safety, but he's a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment as well.

The governor says he spent the day Tuesday in Gary with the family of the fallen officer there. He said there are no words for what the state is going through with three officers killed in the line of duty and the shooting incidents in and around central Indiana as well.

"Our administration is working closely with law enforcement here in Indianapolis to provide support in Gary," Gov. Pence said Wednesday. "We're determined to continue to work in a constructive way to ensure that we're advancing the interests of public safety even while we're protecting the freedoms of law abiding citizens....I think every Hoosier is deeply troubled by the violence that we see on our streets, the violence that we see in our neighboring state over this holiday weekend, but I think now is the time for us to reflect, to remember the service and sacrifice of these officers."

The governor made those remarks after outlining his agenda for the economic mission to the United Kingdom. He will leave for that trip this weekend.