Pence vowing to work with both parties despite super majority

Gov.-elect Mike Pence

After a series of reports reviewing the last eight years with Gov. Mitch Daniels, Eyewitness News now turns our attention to the governor-elect.

Gov.-elect Mike Pence (R) joined political reporter Kevin Rader to discuss the Republican super-majority in the Indiana legislature, and what kind of governor he wants to be.

Eyewitness News: "Tell me, as we get ready to into the holiday season, the election is over. Are you pinching yourself?"

Mike Pence: "I am. Our whole family is. It's been a very humbling experience for us from election night forward. To think we have been given the right to lead this state as governor."

EN: "What kind of governor do you want to be?"

MP: "My ambition is to be a governor for all of Indiana. As I traveled the state in the last year and a half it is clear that we made some great progress but it is time to go from reform to results. It's time to take that fiscal strength to take the progress we made in strengthening our economy and our schools and education out come in increasing measures that everyone wants to see. I really want to be an average guy from southern Indiana who got a chance to represent every Hoosier in the governor's office."

EN: "You have super majorities in the House and Senate and yet you still feel you need to reach out?"

MP: "I hold the view that there are good ideas on both sides of the isle. I think going forward it is essential even with super majorities in the House and Senate that we bring everyone together and bring the best ideas forward to get this economy moving again and get these schools working for our kids."

EN: "Is there a fear when you have all the votes? What is the old quote? Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

MP: "I believe the first characteristic in a free society is humility and I approach this job with a great sense of humility. In this difficult time in the life of our nation there is no higher priority than jobs. With the advantages we have I truly believe our state is poised for a period of significant economic growth and we can get Hoosiers back to work."