Pence seeking ways to alleviate shutdown effects

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Indiana Governor Mike Pence says he is mobilizing the state to try to pick up the slack for the federal government that is currently shut down.

He tells Eyewitness News that he decided to continue to pay civilian employees at the Indiana National Guard and he has asked the Office of Management and Budget to look into supporting programs that aid disadvantaged Hoosiers if the shutdown should continue. 

The governor also wanted to clear up that attributed statement that he said the shutdown was worthwhile. 

"Well, let me be clear. I never said the government shutdown was worthwhile. I am disappointed with the impasse reached in Washington, DC. Like every Hoosier I am frustrated with the lack of leadership that brought us to this point where we have a partial government shutdown. We are also making efforts to make sure those programs that support disadvantaged Hoosiers, should the impasse continue and those resources are threatened, that we will find the resources to continue to be there," he said.

Governor Pence says the perfect compromise would be for the administration to repeal the medical device tax, which he says has already cost jobs in the Hoosier state.