Pedestrian death sparks call for sidewalks in Lawrence


The family of an elderly man who was hit and killed Monday when crossing Hague Road wants sidewalks added.

Terry Ferguson showed Eyewitness News a personal memorabilia room in his father's Lawrence Township home filled with memories from his father's past.

"This is my dad in the middle. This is during an accident they had. They had a wreck and gotten the driver out of the car and he is directing traffic," said Terry Ferguson.

Combining his love for the Indy 500 with his role as a firefighter, John Ferguson worked for several years as a safety team member at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He was a member of the IMS Old Timer's Club.

"I just took him out last week to get this year's pin," said Terry Ferguson.

John Ferguson won't be able to enjoy this year's Indy 500. On Monday while crossing Hague Road after visiting a neighbor's children, the 85-year-old was hit and killed. Police believe it was an accident.

"He just didn't make it home," said Terry Ferguson.

Terry Ferguson followed in his father's footsteps and is an Indianapolis firefighter. Terry believes his father's tragic death should be a wake-up call for the Lawrence Township community.

"They need to come in here and do whatever it takes to put a sidewalk on this street to make it safer for the pedestrians," said Terry Ferguson.

Along this stretch of Hague Road are several neighborhoods, churches, and Lawrence North High School. Hague Road is a busy four-lane road without sidewalks.

Kelly Dyer is a board member on the Cardinal Cove homeowners association just Off of Hague road. Dyer said her HOA has petitioned about sidewalks over the years, but the funding isn't there.

Dyer told Eyewitness News Mr. Ferguson's death will ignite a new battle.

"It would be great if all of the neighborhoods got involved because there is so much traffic. They need to say there can't be anymore. There can't even be another close call," said Dyer.

The HOA board member along with the Ferguson family said they plan to contact city leaders to see how they can address the issue of adding sidewalks along Hague Road.

"Knowing that it may not happen again (is comforting.) Knowing that I won't respond in my fire truck when I'm on duty to someone else who has been hit by a car," said Terry Ferguson.