Peace in the streets

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If people came to Indianapolis' east side Sunday just to watch a parade, they got a lot more than they bargained for.

“Peace in the streets. How you want it? Peace in the streets. Got to have it!” The crowd chanted.

This is about winning a war.

“We're tired of our youth-- We're tired of our blacks, basically, getting killed. They need to have something more going for recreation, something else for these kids 'cause all they doing [is] running around trying to kill each other,” said Gwen Shoncey of Indianapolis.

Something like dancing. Jahzara Barnett, 5, was at Sunday's rally with her grandmother, Tayon, who's raising her.

“Did he make some poor choices? Yes. Did he deserve what he got? Absolutely not," Tayon Reynolds said of her son and Jahzara's father, Timothy Barnett. He was murdered in September 2012 when he was just 22 years old.

“Having my son killed almost two years ago means a lot. It was hard. It's still hard,” added Reynolds.

Now Jahzara is dancing not just for fun, but to give her discipline and point her in the right direction.

“Sometimes as parents, we have to learn that we have to sacrifice," explained Reynolds. “We can't always put Jordans on our kids' feet and think that that's ok. Instead of putting Jordans on their feet, why don't you go and pay for a karate class? Instead of having gold teeth in their mouth, why don't you go and pay for a music class?”

So, yes, at this parade, there were horses and smiling princesses. But it was all about winning a war by stopping the bloodshed.