Paul George confronts "mean tweet"

Paul George confronts "mean tweet"
Paul George
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The Pacers' Paul George got the last word on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In a segment called "Mean Tweets," NBA players read nasty tweets directed at them out loud.

Paul George read @heartbrklambo's tweet that said, "I would kill my parents if they named me Paul George...that's an ugly a-- name."

George responded by flipping the bird to the camera (which of course was blurred out.)

There were several others, all read out loud by the players they were directed at: "Can't lie, Amare Stoudemire looks homeless" from @axel_g13.

And from @ryanmf: "Jalen Rose, you're not very good at your new job. Your command of language is poor. Your analysis is subpar. Your inferiority to your peer.."

To which Rose responded, "Whatever."

Maybe Jeremy Lin's was best: "Jermy Lin need to git the weight room" [sic]. Lin responded, "You need to git the spell check."