Paul George addresses rumors about team chemistry


With sporadic team chemistry on the floor, speculation has run rampant off the floor.

Social media is abuzz with reasons for why the second half of the Pacers season has soured somewhat. Names like Roy Hibbert, Lance Stevenson, Paul George and George Hill have all surfaced in one way or another. Wednesday, though, Paul George said he'd had enough.

George resorted to his Instagram feed to post a picture of himself, George Hill and Roy Hibbert fishing to say, "These rumors have got to stop. It's getting old now and all you that believe them are ignorant."

"Just getting sick and tired of the media making up stories," George said after Wednesday's shoot around. "Just putting everything to bed. Everything to rest."

When Pacers fan James Ash saw the Instagram post, he said, "They look like they're having a good time. They've got good chemistry. Ain't no fighting. It's just rumors."

"I think it is a pretty good thing," added Glenn Gill, another Pacers fan. "I think there is nothing there. Just all rumors and I think it's a good thing they prove to everyone they really do get along."

It was a topic on Grady and Big Joe on 1070 The Fan Wednesday morning as well.

"I'm happy somebody is saying, 'Hush. Hush. The rumors are nonsense. You are ignorant if you believe these rumors'," show co-host Michael Grady observed.

Rumors have been swirling on social media about problems with team chemistry. George Hill, who was in the picture, tried to explain why teammate Paul George took the action he did.

"Since you guys keep making up stories. He's just trying to focus. Letting Roy know through all of this BS going on. The rumors and all things like that, we are brothers. Nothing like that is happening. The locker room is a tight group. We will continue to be here for each other through the rumors and all the people trying to break us apart," Hill noted.

All of this and the losing Game 1 of the series with Washington hasn't dampened any of Robert Bates' enthusiasm. Bates was clad from head to toe in Pacer garb. When we spoke with him, he already knew all about the post.

"That stuff is crazy, man. I don't know, but we're gonna do our thing. We're gonna win a championship this year," he said completely unphased by all the hoopla.

The one sure way of putting a stop to the crazy speculation off the court, is to win on the court.

The Pacers have a ways to go to dispel all of this, but that starts at Bankers Life Fieldhouse Wednesday night.