Patience wearing thin among stranded air travelers

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Weather-related delays and cancellations continue to frustrate travelers at Indianapolis International Airport. Some people have been stuck for days.

De-icing operations were in full swing Tuesday at the airport, but a lot of people are going nowhere fast.

"Oh, absolutely that's a good word. Frustrating...frustrating," said Jay Blumenthal, who is trying to get back home to Kansas City. He's been stuck in Indianapolis for three days. That's adding to his frustration, after watching his hometown team lose to the Colts on Saturday.

"I guess I've gotten over the loss somewhat, now," he said, but not the delays. "The delays have been real aggravating, I've got to admit that."

On the other end of the spectrum, Tom Mahan's aggravation is coming to an end.

"Looking forward to getting her back home, like everyone else with the delay," he said.

It has taken three days for Mahan's daughter Lauren to get back from vacation in the Dominican Republic. Her suitcase arrived a couple of hours before her.

"We know she's on her way, got a text a little bit that she's coming, but anxious to get her home," said Mahan.

For Jay, Missouri is still an elusive destination. He's spent hours on the phone, been told by the airport the flight is on time, but by Southwest the same flight is canceled.

"So there's a bunch of people that aren't flying out to Kansas City today that were expecting to," Blumenthal said.

He's finally decided to shell out another $1,000 to take a different flight on a different airline and finally be home tonight.

The airport reported a total of 100 cancellations and delays of both arriving and departing flights on Tuesday. Indianapolis International has remained open during the storm.