Paroled dismemberment killer leaves Jennings Co.


A Bloomington man newly released from prison after murdering and dismembering a woman in 1986 has moved out of southern Indiana's Jennings County.

The Herald-Times reports Indiana parole officers moved Robert E. Lee Monday from a house where had been living in Jennings County, about 50 miles east of Bloomington.

Jennings County Sheriff's Department Major Jerry Shepherd says the parole officers and Lee were headed westbound, but he said he didn't know where they were going.

Lee had moved into a rundown house with another ex-convict after two locations in the Bloomington area refused to accept him.

The 57-year-old Lee was released from prison Sept. 22 after serving 25 years for the 1986 slaying of 31-year-old Ellen Marks, whose head and hands were never found.

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