Parking meter Q&A

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Parking questions with answers provided by the mayor's office

When will the new meters be installed?

The ParkIndy team expects to begin implementing the new technology in the first quarter of 2011. Some of the meters will be multi-space box meters while others will be single space meters with credit card capabilities.

What are the new rates and when do they do they take effect?

The rates will not increase until the new technology is installed. The same goes for the hours. Once the meters are installed the rates will be as follows:

Zone 1 - $1
Zone 2 - $1
Zone 3 - $.75
Zone 4 - $1

Zone 1 - $1.50
Zone 2 - $1
Zone 3 - $1
Zone 4 - $1.50

The hourly parking rates outlined are maximums, not minimums. This allows the City and the concessionaire to reduce rates if parking at a meter significantly declines. The concessionaire has already suggested reducing rates in various areas to optimize use. Under the agreement, rates cannot be raised in a Zone until the new technology is implemented.

What are the new hours of operation for city meters?

Zone 1 (Downtown core) and Zone 4 (Broad Ripple) meters will operate from 7a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday - Saturday

Zone 2 (Downtown other) meters will operate from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday - Saturday

Zone 3 (Residential) meters will continue to operate from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday - Friday

This will align the evening times for meters in Broad Ripple and Mass Ave. These hours, including Saturday hours, will go into effect at the same time as the rates

What payment options will I have?

New meters will accept coins, credit, and debit cards. In addition: Pay box receipts are portable and can be used at other meters up to the expiration time. So if a motorist wants to buy two hours of time at a meter to have breakfast, he or she can continue to use the receipt to run errands at businesses served by meters. Being able to take unused time with you is a significant difference from single space meters that leave unused time for the next driver to take.

The project includes a parking garage for Broad Ripple? What's the status of that?

Mayor Ballard has emphasized through this entire process that we will work with Broad Ripple to help identify ways to fund a parking garage. Revenues from the meters must, by state statute, be used on infrastructure improvements in areas with parking meters - this includes parking infrastructure such as parking garages. As a result a portion of the $20M upfront payment may be used to help fund a garage in Broad Ripple. The timeline for this project has not yet been determined.

When will we start seeing some of the other infrastructure improvements?

Work on infrastructure can be expected to begin in early 2011.

I'm concerned about using my credit card at a meter. What safeguards will be in place?

Credit card information will be encrypted and secure. The new meter technology is compliant with Payment Card Industry Security Standards. This set of requirements ensures that companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. No credit card information is kept within the payboxes/meters; all information is transmitted to a back office operation.

Will parking fines also go up?

Parking fines will remain at the current level of $20 and will increase in proportion of the meter rates. The Council retains control of increasing or decreasing the fine amount.