Parents want answers in Richmond woman's mysterious death

Ciarra Ray was found dead in her yard over the weekend.
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The parents of a woman found dead in Richmond this weekend believe she was the victim of a crime, but police aren't so sure.

A single candle still flickers in the front yard, a reminder of young life cut short. Ciarra Ray, 21, was found dead in the backyard of her Richmond home over the weekend.

"She was outgoing, she was friendly, she worked, she had no enemies that I know of. She was so kind-hearted," said Cynthia Gillard, Ciarra's mother.

That makes her death even more mysterious to her parents. Her father found her lifeless body in the snow behind their home Saturday morning.

"I was taking out the trash," explained Raymon Ray, Ciarra's father. "I opened up the door. There she was face down."

Her parents are convinced their daughter was killed - the victim of a criminal act.

"I want to know what happened to my daughter. I want to know who done this to my daughter," said Gillard.

But Richmond police believe, at least for now, that no one killed Ciarra.

"We're just trying to follow up to see if it was anything more than possibly exposure to the weather," explained Richmond Police Chief Kris Wolski.

Wolski says an autopsy revealed no physical injuries and witnesses say there were no fights or disagreements that night.

"We really don't know what we have at this point," said Wolski. "It's starting to look like it's not an issue of foul play, as much as maybe, unfortunate circumstances."

But for one grieving family, information is everything and it's something they have very little of right now.

"People know what happened and they need to come forward and tell what happened. Because this very hard on us, not knowing," said Gillard.