Parents want answers after Indianapolis girl's shoes were duct taped

Shalynn's parents want to know who duct-taped her shoes.
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A child with Down Syndrome returned home from school Monday with her ankles and shoes wrapped in duct tape. Tonight, her parents want to know who did it.

Someone wrapped the duct tape so tightly that the eight-year-old girl said it hurt. Shalynn Searcy attends Westlake Elementary School in Wayne Township, and her parents, Nate and Elizabeth Searcy, are demanding answers.

"It hurt," said Shalynn, describing the tape wrapped around her shoes and ankles.

Her parents took a picture before removing the tape, and they started asking questions.

"It was wrapped from top to bottom and all the way around all sides of her ankles, probably an inch and a half to two inches," said Elizabeth Searcy.

"This is how you do my child? This is not acceptable," said Nate Searcy.

Shalynn is a special needs student at Westlake Elementary. Her mother says she would hear from the school about Shalynn removing her shoes, but Monday there was no call, just Shaylnn coming home with her shoes taped to her feet.

"They could have called like they normally do but they did not call and I could have come to get her like I have before. But they did not call," she said.

Wayne Township Schools gave Eyewitness News a statement saying, "We have had the opportunity to meet with the parents of the student involved in this reported incident and have begun our own investigation. We have notified the Indiana Department of Child Services."

The Searcys have decided Shalynn will not go back to Westlake.

"Not after this, no. They have crossed the line with this one," said Nate Searcy.

Now they wait to learn from the school exactly who used the duct tape on their daughter, leaving her in pain.