Parents speak about continuing search for missing baby

Delano Wilson
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The parents of a missing baby are talking about their loss and the search one week after they say the child was stolen from his father's arms.

Last Wednesday, Willie Wilson called police, saying he had been attacked in an alley and that a man and woman took his baby, six-week-old Delano Wilson. An Amber Alert was issued, then canceled two days later.

Search crews have gone house-to-house, searching woods, rivers and even the parents' west Indianapolis home.

But the baby's whereabouts are no clearer today than when he was reportedly kidnapped a week ago.

Wilson says was pistol whipped and robbed while taking a walk last Wednesday morning. The attack happened a few hundred feet from the couple's South Chase St. home.

However, a source tells Eyewitness News nearby security cameras recorded Wilson walking without his baby prior to his 911 call.

Wilson and the baby's mother, Taniasha Perkins, have canvassed the neighborhood, posting flyers for his safe return.

"Everyday I feel like I am living a nightmare. I hear my baby crying. Before I go to sleep, I can't sleep. I cry. Words can't explain how I feel," Perkins said.

The parents say they knew eventually police would turn to them looking for answers in the kidnapping of their son. They spoke exclusively with Eyewitness News Wednesday about their pain, the doubts and being at the center of the investigation to find their son.

"They kept switching me from room to room to switch my story up, trying to say I was lying, saying 'You can never be hit or black out from that, it's medically impossible'," Wilson said. "They said that she said that I did it. They took carpet, the baby bassinet, all that stuff, they took it."

"I feel so empty. I can't stop crying. I am so stressed out," Perkins said.

They say they understand both the public and the police having questions, but insist they've done nothing wrong.

They continue to send out their plea for anyone who has information on Delano's whereabouts to please come forward.