Parents, police join forces for Expo safety for kids

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Dozens of volunteers are on the streets in downtown Indianapolis to keep teenagers out of trouble and to help keep people at Indiana Black Expo's Summer Celebration safe.

Kauline Davis wants her 12-year-old son Colby to have a great time at this year's Summer Celebration events. She will be working one of the vendor exhibit hall booths, so mom has laid down some safety rules for Colby.

"You have to always be respectful, listen to authority and show your hands at all times," Davis said.

That's just what Expo organizers and law enforcement folks want - parents having some strong input on their kids' behavior downtown during Summer Celebration.

The last weekend of Summer Celebration will draw thousands of kids like Colby and he knows what to look out for.

"Always check in with a parent and if you are involved in something, check with a parent," he said.

Police are everywhere during Expo, inside and out, and managing large crowds - even kids - is nothing new to officers. But if they can convince every parent to teach their children if they see something to say something, that would make every event that much safer.

A new text message program will also help police.

"They can text through Crime Stoppers and we will get it immediately. We will get it right off as soon as it comes in," said the director of the Indianapolis Department of Homeland Security Gary Coons.

Mississippi resident Shed King and his wife talked about safety with their 11-year-old son on their way to Indy for the Expo.

"We are just going to keep him kind of close. There is a lot of crime out here, people acting crazy nowadays. Stay away from large crowds so we can get back to Mississippi in one piece," King said.