Parents of missing Indianapolis baby demand answers

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Nearly one month after a newborn disappeared from a reported kidnapping, the baby's parents are again speaking out only to Eyewitness News. The parents of Delano Wilson say they have questions for investigators, who they believe could be doing more to help find their son.

"All we want at the end of the day, is our baby to be found," said Tanaisha Perkins, Delano's mother.

Delano Wilson

But the parents of missing infant Delano Wilson say they keep calling investigators for updates on the case and no one is calling them back.

"It's like just leaving us hanging us to drying. Don't nobody knows what's going on," said Willie Wilson, the baby's father.

It's been almost a month since Willie Wilson says a white man and a Latino woman robbed him at gunpoint in an alley near his house while he was walking with his infant son. Wilson told investigators the man attacked him, leaving him dazed, and then snatched the baby, taking off in a blue Ford Taurus.

"I can still recall everything. Everything. That's something you not gonna forget," said Wilson.

That's why Wilson says he's been searching online for a sketch artist to draw the people he says took his son.

"I'm pretty sure a sketch artist who's talented enough would be able to draw that out. 'Cause I know exactly how they looked. They'd be actually able to put it on paper so other people can see and look for these people," said Wilson.

Wilson says investigators haven't offered to provide one, and the cheapest he can find costs $100 an hour.

'I think they don't want to because they see me as a suspect still. That's why I haven't gotten a sketch artist. That's why haven't nobody answered my phone calls," said Wilson.

Police have said Wilson's story has left them with questions, but have never named him or the baby's mom as suspects. Investigators have questioned both parents and removed items from their home.

"Anything they want us to do, we're not hiding. We're here. They know where we're at. It's not like we're running from anybody. We're looking for our son," said Perkins.

Taniasha Perkins says that's what they're going to keep on doing until they find him.

"I feel in my spirit that my baby's okay. I just need him back with us, with his family," she said.

With Baby Delano's disappearance going on nearly a month, each day of waiting seems longer than the next.

IMPD told Eyewitness News detectives have been in contact with the family and will continue to be. Investigators say their number one objective is to locate Delano and to understand what exactly happened. They're still asking for the public's help with this. If you have any information, no matter how small, call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.