Panther racing memorabilia goes to auction

It was the end of a racing era Wednesday as Indianapolis-based Panther Racing put all of its assets on the auction block.

Local race fans and 300 online participants made winning bids on everything from cars to memorabilia.

Ben Berry of Indianapolis took home an old trophy.

"It's a pit stop trophy from 2000. It doesn't mean anything special to me, other than it's something I bought at Panther racing," he said with pride.

The team got its start in 1997 and clocked its first wins with Scott Goodyear and later with Sam Hornish Jr.

In 2013 Panther lost its National Guard Sponsorship and failed to enter a team for the 2014 season.

Team Owner John Barnes admits it was a tough day.

"It's taken a lot of time to acquire all of this stuff," Barnes said. "It's emotional, but I have a dear friend of mine who used to say let go and let God. And that's what I live by. I hope that other people will be able to enjoy it," he added.

Some of the bids from today's auction came from as far away as Australia.