Panel strikes down Indianapolis redistricting plan

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A panel of judges has struck down a City-County Council plan for redistricting.

The Marion County Superior Court judicial panel issued the 3-2 decision along party lines Wednesday, although it's likely to be appealed.

Mayor Greg Ballard signed off on the plan, which council Republicans crafted in 2011. The panel ruled that the plan was not properly created due to when it was issued. Specifically, Indiana law requires Marion County's City-County Council to redraw district boundaries during the second year following the census. Since the census was taken in 2010 and the plan was issued in 2011, the panel ruled that it should not stand.

The court is allowed by state law to come up with new boundaries. However, city attorneys could appeal before that happens.

The redistricting affects who you vote for and who represents you.

See the panel's decision here.