Paganos come together through coach's leukemia fight


The wife of Colts head coach Chuck Pagano spoke for the first time Thursday about the coach's fight with leukemia.

The Paganos say they are happy and grateful for many things, including the community response, the doctors and the recovery from leukemia. Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with the disease in late September.

His wife, Tina, remembers buckling down for a fight.

"We had this calendar up there and we looked at each other, you know, the very first day and said, 'You know what? Thirty days? We can do anything for 30 days, to live. We can.' So I just tried to look at it like, with what he had to go through," Tina Pagano said. "What he's doing is so much harder than what I'm doing. I am not going to contribute to his pain. I'm not going to cry and be weepy in this room. It's nothing compared to what he's going through."

The couple has been together 24 years and are now on the backside of what they agree has been a very humbling experience.

"I've never spend that much time with (Coach Pagano). I feel like we have a new relationship," Tina said.

It was Tina who questioned the bruises that were developing on her husband's skin for no obvious reason. The coach says he agreed to get it checked out during the team's bye week, which was early, just three weeks into the season.

It turned out to be a blessing.