Paddleboard yoga comes to Indianapolis

Paddleboard yoga comes to Indianapolis
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It might be the closest thing to walking on water. It's paddleboard yoga!

"It's extremely popular. It seems like it's blown up especially this summer," said Heather Leo, paddleboard yoga instructor.

Leo leads the twice-weekly instruction at Morse Reservoir.

"I think anytime you are around water you are going to feel more calm, more serene," she said.

The class uses specialized lightweight boards.

The board is "pretty big so there is a lot of surface area, but at the same time you have to think about being planted more than you would standing on solid ground," said Will Baker, student.

Leo leads through a standard flow of upward and downward dog.

"You need to slow down a little bit. The first thing, especially yogis or people who practice, want to come out and just do what they do really quickly; if they could just slow down a bit, give a little more time to their postures; start from the knees even with postures you normally do," said Leo.

The hope is always that boaters will keep their distance and minimize waves which can through you off balance.

"Reposition the feet is my biggest tip. Get things a little shorter, a little smaller, toward the center. That helps a lot," said Leo.

You can wear a bathing suit or yoga clothing - whatever you want. But there will be some paddling in the water. The class includes beginners to advanced students.

"For new students, it's a chance to learn postures in a way that when they come to the ground they feel very much more stable," said Leo.

"Standing poses that may not seem that difficult on the land are actually a lot more difficult on the board, so you have to find your balance on a whole new plane," said Maria Broaddus.

If you fall off the board, at least you get to cool off.

"It's not like you are going to hurt yourself if you fall in or anything, so it's just a fun way to learn," said Baker.

It's also a show for everyone on shore.

"It is the perfect blend of balance and serenity and strength and power," Leo said.

SUP Yoga

You can buy or rent a board to try it out yourself. You can skip the yoga part and just paddle on your knees or standing up if you want. Heather uses boards from SUPINDY. You can rent one for $25.

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