Pacers rank seventh on NBA team name list

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Ever wonder where pro sports teams got their names? A sports writer takes on that mighty task for NBA team names, and drops in his own opinions on their merits.

Zach Lowe posted his list Tuesday.

The Pacers score a comfortable "seven" on the list. Lowe calls it a good team name.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were so named as a result of a fan contest in the Plain Dealer, "though it's unclear if anyone actually counted the votes."

The Orlando Magic? "Something about the amorphous-entity-as-nickname trend just doesn't work."

Lowe questions the wisdom of keeping the "Lakers" moniker after the team moved to Los Angeles from Minneapolis. "It's a nonsensical name. But, holy cow, does it roll off the tongue — those three 'L' sounds spaced out perfectly, the words ordered in a 1-3-2 syllable structure that just comes out easily."